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Mark's skills include writing to screen, depicting and enhancing emotion and drama. He can score in a number of styles from fully orchestral to electronica.

A composer with many commercial usages and credits in the Corporate, Television, and Advertising industries.

Mark is award-winning for his Short film scores worldwide. 

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“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” ― Keith Richards


His passion for cinematic, mood-driven music stems from the late ’70s and his collection of John Williams soundtrack albums. The likes of Jean Michelle Jarre introduced Mark to electronic sound, and all the possibilities it entailed.

Various bands, music college, his own recording studio (when 16 analogue tracks was a BIG deal), and various, sometimes paid, studio sessions all added to the rich mix. 

Mark is writing for several of the UK’s better-known agencies. His contributions to their libraries have resulted in commercial cues for tv programmes such as Coronation Street, Top Gear, and Masterchef the Professionals. He has also had tracks used for award ceremonies, overseas advertising, radio cues for movie trailers, and French and German tv drama serials.

He is a freelance Composer for Hans Zimmer’s exclusive Bleeding Finger Music. A great honour, and the ultimate in third-party endorsement.

His musical style has a flair for drama and emotion. It can be anthemic, dramatic, subdued, melancholy, or just downright frightening, depending on your requirements. So… Go on, get in touch if you’re looking for the best composer you’ve never heard of…….

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